What Can I Create With Large Format Printing?

Vinyl Banner
Very good marketing material for trade shows, events or even conferences.

Fabric Banner
Similar to vinyl banners, using various fabric materials.

Used for branding at trade shows, events, or display show rooms.

Crezon Board
An exterior grade plywood, specially treated and prepared for the sign industry. A high quality material, great for large format signs and billboards.

Great for indoor marketing, this lightweight material can be hung on the wall or displayed on an easel as a promotional or advertising piece.

This robust and lightweight material is immune to rain, wind and sunlight and is great for outdoor signs and displays.

A thin-to-medium-sized metal panel used for signage, including parking signs with the ability to be formed and shaped to fit its end use.

A rigid, lightweight board with a low gloss matte finish using for both small and large signage.

Display Board
A rigid, lightweight board with the ability to be shaped into POP and POS displays in stores or at events.

A lightweight, waterproof solution for signage and displays and one of the most popular substrates in large format printing.

Perforated Window Mesh
Turn your store windows into an attractive display and marketing piece while achieving one-way viewing. Using outdoor inks and durable vinyl, we create advertising that can advise potential customers of your products, services, promotions, and contact information.

Premium Backlit Signage
Want your promotional message or graphic to stand out? Backlit signs are illuminated and add an extra pop of interest over that of a flat printed piece.

Car Magnet
Using vibrant colours, our car magnets attractively display your promotional message and advertising on the side of your vehicle. Our powerful magnets are lightweight, high quality and adhere to any smooth, magnetized surface.

Roll Up Banner
Banners in various sizes that stand up with a pole system. Used around the office, at trade shows and events.

Low Tac Wall Vinyl Decal
Imagine your logo or branding custom-cut to fit the wall or your office or home. You can easily show off beautiful designs and pieces of art to those who visit.

Canvas is a highly durable plain-woven fabric material that can be used to create beautiful pieces of art, conversational marketing pieces and displays for the home and the office.

Adhesive Vinyl
Easily display attractive printed images in various sizes and attach them to windows or walls at your office.

Window Cling
Choose from either a clear or white background and easily display attractive printed images in various sizes.

Large Poster
Printed on high quality paper, our posters combine text and graphics with durable ink to create an attractive piece of art. Hang them up in your office windows, on the wall or in your storefront.

If you want to get noticed, flags are great. They have a much higher visibility than sidewalk signs, helping you to stand out.

Mesh Banner
High quality banner material that allows you to take advantage of your storefront windows. The product does not block windows from the inside and creates the illusion of an opaque design on the outside.

Coroplast signs are printed on high-quality coroplast with durable, outdoor ink on both sides. Our material avoids glare from both sunlight and approaching headlights.