3 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips

This post is for you if you are a Real Estate agent, Independent Consultant or Independent Broker. Yes, the title says Real Estate Marketing Tips, however you can customize these ideas to work for your business. We have a created a series using tried and true methods to help elevate your business’ promotion and advertising using print, online and in-person marketing.

1. Social Media Presence & Sharing

New to the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Been using it since you learned to speak? No matter which side of the spectrum you are on, you need to familiarize yourself with using these social media platforms for business use. It’s not the same as the way you would use it for personal use, but it uses some of the same principles. Consistency, relevance, interactivity, and call to action. These four points are key.

Be consistent in your posting. If you don’t feel you will have to time to come up with content and post on a consistent basis, spend a few hours one day a week writing content and scheduling it to post at various times spread over a larger time period.

Your posts should be current and relatable. No one wants to know what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, first/second snack, etc. They may want to know what good restaurants are located near the property you are listing. Think about what information would be important to you if you were a potential buyer.

People want to be heard and be noticed. Interact with your followers by tagging, retweeting, liking, commenting, sharing, and mentioning others that have made an effort to interact with you. Did someone leave a comment on your Facebook post? Thank them for providing their input with a word of encouragement.

CALL TO ACTION. One place that 99% of posts these days lack is a clear and captivating “Call To Action”. This text could say, “Click Here For More Information.” and provide a link, “Visit butterflygp.com for details.” with the text linked to a website, or “Call 905-943-7770 today!”. Make it easy for potential customers to reach you.

Think about what information would be important to you if you were a potential buyer.

2. Look At The Competition

What are they doing online? What are they doing in print? What are they doing in person? Do they have a full line up of social media accounts, including the underutilized LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest? Are they taking out ads in local newspapers or investing in Neighbourhood Mail with Canada Post? Are they sponsoring sports teams, Christmas Parade floats, movie night outs? Take note of what they are doing. Chances are, if some other agents already came to you just using these qualifying questions, they are the ones to follow.

3. Be Easy To Contact

If a potential customer were to Google your name or brokerage or franchise, would they instantly be able to get in touch? Do you have your phone number, website, social media accounts and email clearly listed on all your marketing materials both in print and online? Cross-referencing your contact information between all forms of advertising will be a huge advantage of your competition that may not be as tech-savvy. Have you recorded a professional voicemail on your business and personal phones and do you check them regularly? Do you have an auto-reply message on your email letting them know that you are thankful for their inquiry and when you will return their email by? Finally, do you actually keep to these standards that you have created for yourself? You never want anyone to feel like they are chasing you to give you their business.

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