3 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips Pt. 4

This post is for you if you are a Real Estate agent, Independent Consultant or Independent Broker. Yes, the title says Real Estate Marketing Tips, however you can customize these ideas to work for your business. We have a created a series using tried and true methods to help elevate your business’ promotion and advertising using print, online and in-person marketing.

1. Make Things Mobile Friendly

How many times have you researched a purchase on your phone? How many times have you had to select “Go To The App” or “View Desktop Version” and decided that it was too much of a hassle. Customers these days don’t want to take an extra step to find what they are looking for. Convenience and clarity always wins. Make sure your website, advertising, ways to contact you and your property listings are are mobile friendly to bridge that gap and win over the competition.

2. Send A Consistent Newsletter

It’s been said that Black Friday is a great time to unsubscribe to newsletters people forgot they signed up for. This means that the other 364 days of the year, these companies sit in silence and lose momentum by not keeping their customers in the loop. Create attainable newsletter goals, whether it be once a month or once a week, and stick to them. Provide advice on current market trends, showcase featured property listings, and engage your customers with contests and interactive activities. Get this right and watch your subscriber count grow and grow.

3. Google My Business

Have you claimed your business online? Did you know that you can create a landing portal on Google when you show you have a physical location? Trying Googling your business name or brokerage and see what comes up. If you see the text “Claim this business”, click on it a follow the prompts. You’ll be sent a secure code via postcard mailed right to that address. Simply enter in the URL provided, the email address you signed up with and the code and voila, you are now ready for business. This provides potential customers with peace of mind that you are a professional with a location they can visit you at. Remember, the best connections are made face-to-face.

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