3 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips Pt. 3

This post is for you if you are a Real Estate agent, Independent Consultant or Independent Broker. Yes, the title says Real Estate Marketing Tips, however you can customize these ideas to work for your business. We have a created a series using tried and true methods to help elevate your business’ promotion and advertising using print, online and in-person marketing.

1. Hire A Professional

Your Smartphone may take fantastic photos. Your son or daughter may have learned video editing software in high school. You may have searched on Pinterest for hours for great interior design advice and inspiration. All of these are good things, but you don’t just want to be good at marketing – you want to be great! Hiring a photographer that specializing in real estate photography, a videographer that specializing in virtual tours and a home stager that knows what will click with potential buyers is crucial to closing the deal at the highest price. “Saving” money is these areas could become detrimental in the future.

2. Sponsor Local Events

Before owning a business, you may have never received a phone call or email soliciting your dollars for publicity. Now, they may seem like a weekly ask. Whether it’s something happening at you children’s school, a local fundraiser, or an event that you create, sponsorship with perks can go a long way in increasing your visibility. Ensure that you are not just receiving your business card or logo on a printed piece, but also that you can have an in-person presence at the event. After all, no one knows your business better than you do and communication is best done face-to-face.

3. Use Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google+

These are the three most underutilized forms of social media that seem to get dropped because of 1) Budget Constraints, 2) Lack of Understanding, and 3) Lack of Purpose. Pinterest is great for creating boards potential customers can follow by grouping home staging tips, real estate advice, and general brand marketing. LinkedIn is essential for showing off your professional side and tying together experience with relevance by posting articles, properties for sale and connecting with others based on shared interests. Finally, Google+ is crucial for building your presence with Google, including showcasing your physical location, uploading photos of properties sold, and creating a spot for happy customers to leave positive reviews. Remember, the more places you are on the web, the more likely you are going to show up in search results.

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