3 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips Pt. 2

This post is for you if you are a Real Estate agent, Independent Consultant or Independent Broker. Yes, the title says Real Estate Marketing Tips, however you can customize these ideas to work for your business. We have a created a series using tried and true methods to help elevate your business’ promotion and advertising using print, online and in-person marketing.

1. Business Cards and Marketing Materials

We’ve all been there – meeting someone new, whether it be at a networking event or in daily life – where someone asks how they can get in touch with you. Wouldn’t it be easy if there was a little portable card created that could showcase all your data in one place? No matter if you are in business by yourself or with a large team, business cards are an affordable and essential part of closing transactions. Already have this area covered and want to expand your information and promotional offerings? Invest in some attractive postcards, feature sheets, presentation folders, booklets, brochures and flyers to further reach potential clients with your marketing power.

2. Images Of The Local Surroundings

How many times have you seen images of a beautiful property – the open concept kitchen, the spacious master bedroom, the finished basement – only to arrive and realize that you are directly behind a train station, a power lines transmitter or a not-so-friendly neighbourhood. Show off the local surroundings to give potential customers peace of mind that when they arrive, they will fall in love with both the house and the location. In some cases, customers are buying specifically for the location since they may have renovations in mind and don’t mind the what current state of the home is.

3. Give Potential Customers Advice

How do you make a sale? By showing the customer that you understand their need, that you have the solution, and that they won’t have to go through a level of change that is outside of their comfort zone. One way to do this is to provide the customer with advice before, during and after the sales process so that they feel you genuinely care about them and not just the resulting commission. Teach them about the current housing market, tips on staging, connections for potential renovations, moving/packing lists and companies, and anything else you wish you knew during the buying/selling process. They will thank you and choose you over another agent in the end.

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